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About Lili Côme's artwork

To learn, to forget, To explore, was to lead me to my own truth

Right after being a student at Olivier de Serres, and when I began to study in the National School of Fine Arts in 1988, the art media were constantly mentioning that Art was dead.
I did not agree. I could not accept the very idea of the death of Art.
I had to choose a different path in order not to be stuck in a dead-end.This is when I began to explore this long and challenging road which was to lead me to my own truth.

I started by learning how to depict reality as it appears to everyone. As I developed my theoretical understanding of art, I was able to acquire the skills required to represent shapes..

I attented a series of lessons on nude painting which used live models, and I spent hours observing, and sketching the animals in the Jardin des Plantes. Studying in Paris allowed me to immerse myself in ancient cultures and museum artwork.Later on, I endeavoured to translate, of my feelings, and perceptions into shapes, colors and materials.

I experimented a lot, sometimes using Paul Klee's comments from his book "On Modern Art", or Matisse's quotes, or my own intuition.

My process to find color, light and freedom

I have been living in Paris afor a long time. I felt oppressed by some, heavy gray lid, which prevented me from expressing myself truly and honestly.

In 1999, I decided to move to the South of France, which is when my palette literally explosed. .. The light, colors, and warmth of that region allowed me to reach further into my pictorial expression., I am still exploring this aspect of my art today.

I like to explore different media, etching, and lithographs. I created four series of those on heavyweight paper in Jacques Berville's workshop in Uzès. In 2006, I started a series of small-sized sculptures, made from clay, thread and beads, then a mosaic artwork series named "Totems".

I am first and foremost a color artist, and I enjoy exploring, and painting imaginary landscapes, unique characters which I find in my journeys through literature, my daily visual experiences, memories of my childhood, and unexpected subconscious ideas which pop into my head.


Lili Côme’s wild parade



Art is one of the few activities which enable the artist to start a research on him. Lili Côme shares this point of view. From the beaux arts school in Paris (with the support of Claude Viallat and J.M Alberola) .She has learnt how to compose, how to control the space and the shapes. It has helped her to exacerbate her fantastic passion for the colours.


In a series about the body and motherwood, she expresses her emotion with blue, black and grey colours.Discretion, gentleness, and share. But her style busts and through pure and flamboyant shades, abstract and complex evocations on which enigmatic creatures, half men half beasts, are inscribed. Their acid flashes make a huge contrast with large surfaces invaded by marvellous and violent red shades. Sometimes, her motifs are entwined with spontaneous strolls.


Lili Côme does not renounce to her literary past and to her easily narrative style. She even adds some sibylline message from the French poet Arthur Rimbaud:”I’m the only one to own the key of this wild parade”. There always is a cover structure, a secret symbolism, a performance. By concealing.


Lili Côme shows how to tell a story with the breaking of the line a touch of humour and tenderness. With her work, she keeps on a dialogue between the drawing and the colour, as subtly as Jean Duduffet wished it, since the work of art remains a question and not an answer for herself an the spectators.


Dane Mac Dowell, journaliste et critique d'art.




As a creative woman, it is really important to me to express Life with utter respect. The "Beauty" fascinates me because it contact me. Beauty, imagination and skills enable me to transform reality in order to create a poetic space. The issue of figurative vs abstract art is of no significance to me. I focus on expressing my ideas, not on choosing a type of representation.

I have painted figurative scenes such as my series on the "Circus", or still lifes, I have also created abstract painting such as the "Wonder Valley Landscapes" series or "Anatomy of a Mystery".

Lili Côme's world of love and sweetness



Some painters are poets and i have met one. Lili Côme,unseizable, like the true natures of artists who do not unveil easily.


Her canvas oil paintings ,real flying butterflies decipherable by the people of this earth,a funny world with its airy houses,floating residents, trees, we can see in children's tales,tricycles and rainbows.

Her whole work is made of variations of a subtle delicacy,her colours evoke happiness because she knows as an experimented plastician how to apply and create incandescent lighted zones or more discreethy melt into the evanescent pale of an imaginary oriental landscape.


Lili Come's dreaming world enhances the metaphysical dimension of an amazing plenitude.The great freshness of her joyful scenes reveals the profound happiness of a lost paradise,that of childhood and of the purest innocence. In this appeased and pacified world without conflicts,lili Côme's painting is paradoxically of a great depth because she let the Chagallian aesthetics emerge and the hidden world of the past come to life,the world of the exiled,or the dreamers who are always elsewhere,elsewhither living in a world they don't like and escaping through dreams towards new spaces.


Lili Côme invites us to fly into her world and her painting is like a soft therapy because she expresses herself as a poet, always full of delicacy in her gesture, she composes life again thanks to an uncommon sensitivity, every single element finding its place on the canvas in an interlacing of extraordinary shapes. We can imagine that everything is upside down, disorganized but each detail has been thoroughly thought, each character being in the right place in a constant thematic world. A unique poetical continuity is generated by her works like a novelistic series one has to read through in order to understand every single piece or like Bach’s suites that correspond to a rational structure.


The poetry in lili Côme's painting implies a rigorous and architectural work. The spontaneous pictural gesture is always self-controlled.


In search of an absolute in painting, lili Côme is part of the history of arts by her creative ability not only for the materials used but also to transform ideas into poetical forms. Her paintings do not reveal a new world but recompose the present world that she puts into the big washing-machine of her thoughts. This world is modified, recycled, made beautiful, so beautiful and magical that surprisingly one would like to live inside her painting and never leave it.


The moving sincerity of this pictural series is pure poetry. Lili Côme discovers a neo surrealistic writing and never lets herself confine into an official aesthetic trend since she freely dislikes this confinement, useless and absurd for the artist. Rimbaud's expression is quite appropriate you have to be yourself nothing but yourself without giving way to an easy demagogy of new fashions and trends in contemporary art. She keeps her distance accordingly from a present morbid movement in today's art which compromises any hope of resourcement and wonder in front of the values in life.


What is beauty? This is precisely neither in the academic classicism nor in the new nihilism but in an inner quest that the artist finds the magnificence of lines, shapes, in a clever combination giving life to a sideral light. This is the most beautiful victory of the artist, the conquest of an unexplored world, of a new continent, the ex nihïlo discovery of a new reality coming out of her world where the unconscious lives by the conscious. This world is full of extremely amiable characters who only desire to do some good and call us for a merry go round or magical tour.


The amateur of art can only react positively to this fabulous envy to get into the canvas, captivated and he leaves in stunned,changed...but happy.


Patricia Torjman docteur en philosophie,critique d'art


A poetic world,

an inner journey

And "A writer is a world trapped inside a person" (V. Hugo), The same can be said about painters, so I have been creating a poetic and colorful universe inhabited by peculiar characters and imaginary landscapes for thirty years.

I am not creating according to modern art trends, I am exploring my own world, because I am really convinced that an inner journey is the only positive answer to face turmoil and confusion. I am a wide-awake dreamer and, though I am a part of it, I am living away from the art world and its economic and strategic exigencies…My creative process brings these dreams of mine to life through painting and objects.

My journey towards authenticity and my desire to grow as a human being lead my creative process into a spiritual inner journey which should appeal to keen art-lovers.